Choosing Ammunition for Small 357 Magnum Revolvers

It’s primarily suitable for small to medium ponds, up to 2500 L or ornamental ponds up to 4000 L. One of the most common comments I’ve heard when I’ve let new shooters fire my Smith & Wesson Model 442 Revolver, is on how much recoil the thing has. Especially from folks who’ve shot bigger .38 special revolvers or level-action rifles in the past.

Your work appears ponderous as well on a over used topic that was popular a decade ago. Might I suggest something a little more timely in the future and something more researched. They aren’t called “belly guns” without reason.

In terms of value, this pond pump almost half the price of some other filters yet offers a similar service. It’s not a submersible pump though, unlike most pond pumps on this list. Instead, it’s an external pond pump that sits by the pond.

Assuming the wheel gun of choice is chambered in something really potent like .44 Magnum or .357 Magnum, the slow reloads are acceptable. After all, each pull of the trigger is delivering an insane amount of energy. But on a snubnosed .38 special, shooters are slowing themselves down needlessly. OK, you might be thinking, the reloads are slow, but they’re not difficult! You simply remove the spent rounds and replace them with fresh ones. Because out of a super-short barrel, a 38 special has similar or worse penetration than a 9mm round.

The best choice for those committed to keeping their energy costs down, the Jebao XTP Compact Eco Pond Filter Pump uses just 68 W of power. It’s been specially designed for energy conscious, eco-friendly operation. It’s one of the best pond pumps for filtering the water in the pond What is SmileyCoin without leading to a dramatic energy bill increase. This submersible pond pump has a low-velocity intake that helps prevent the pump from clogging. When it’s used in the correct pond size, it works effectively to clear the water and makes a marked difference in pond clarity.

.38 Special Terminal Ballistics Suck

Whilst some pond pumps can be surprisingly noisy, this one cleans the water quietly without disrupting the ambience of the garden. It’s also relatively easy to install, although as the instructions are a little lacking it may take a bit more patience from first-time pond filter users. A particularly nice feature with the light is that it can be programmed to only come on at night. Having said this, setting it up may take a bit of experimentation as the instructions aren’t very detailed. Most folks are thinking airlights like the 340 when talking about uncontrollable.

xtp coin

Remember, if you have fish in your pond, you ideally want the pump to be running the whole time. Depending on the size of pond you have and the type of fish you keep, you will need a pump with a different flow rate. You should not rinse your biological media filter because it will get rid of all of the bacteria that has built up. When buying a pump, you can check to see if it’s easy to change the filter media – you may decide that a different media will work better in your pond. Plus, for those who are after an eye-catching water feature, this pump also comes with five different fountain heads, creating five different types of fountain. The fountain styles are named ‘Daisy’, ‘Triple’, ‘Foam’, ‘Bell’ or ‘Tulip’ and you can see examples of the fountains that they produce in the product listing.

Aura Carver Luxe Digital Photo Frame – Gravel

U.S.A. -( Despite the fact that revolvers are among the most recommended carry guns for new and female shooters, they aren’t all great choices. I don’t know what feature attracted you to the Taurus 605 Poly over other guns. If it was just cost, I would urge you to reconsider some other options. Taurus QC can be spotty, and it would be worth your time, money and effort to consider some offerings from Ruger or S&W. They may cost a bit more, but you will get a more durable and refined product. A used Ruger or S&W would save you some money and put you very close to the same range as a new Taurus, and would be a safer purchase in my experience.

  • The carry handle means it’s easy to lift in and out of the pond and no tools are required to take it apart.
  • I shot Justin’s 640 Pro with the .357 Gold Dot, and even with some 158 grain, full house loads.
  • There is a small fraction of truth here, however….

You can fix it with ammo selection, as you have done, or you can alter the sights. That expand and penetrate well while falling on the lighter side of the recoil curve. Shoot it and find out where your recoil threshold is – the point where speed and accuracy start to suffer to a point that any benefits of using the hotter round are negated. There are also those that completely ignore convention and go the other direction, saying, “in a gunfight, you won’t notice the recoil.” I find this idea curious. It seems to suggest that the biggest concern is noticing the physical pain imparted by recoil, or the psychological effect produced by the blast and muzzle flash.

Submersible Pond Pumps and Non-Submersible Pumps

There is a small fraction of truth here, however…. A snubby has it’s place and training and practice can overcome it’s shortcomings. There are better carry solutions but snub nosed .38s have killed a lot of people over the years. In essence, reloading a revolver is a simple affair.

If you are buying a pump and pressurised filter system separately, there are a few things you need to know to make sure that they are compatible. If you buy the pump and filter as a set, this should already have been taken care of for you, but it’s good to be aware of. Using biological media will really help the health of your fish. Having levels of bacteria that are too low is one of the primary causes of fish death in ponds. The main function of the biological media is to trap ‘good bacteria’ and encourage it to prosper in the pond. These bacteria work to maintain water quality, taking waste produced by fish and converting it into substances that are not toxic to them.

This submersible pond pump can be used with any of the three included hose fittings. Choose from 25 mm, 19 mm or 12.5 mm, so there should be an option that suits your existing hose. There are also several extra accessories supplied, to help with the installation and customisation of the pump/water feature.

  • Ultimately, it’s not the words stamped on the case that make a cartridge hard to handle.
  • There are better carry solutions but snub nosed .38s have killed a lot of people over the years.
  • But I’m realistic about both my, and its capabilities.
  • Hello Gary, I’m glad you found the info helpful.
  • In most cases magnum ammunition in a small revolver is uncontrollable and unnecessarily loud.

Smaller particles are eliminated using the clip-in mesh filter tray. This filtration system helps stop the pump from getting clogged, allowing it to work continuously. The only downside to this pump is that, as is the case with many pond pumps, there’s no mains plug included so this will need to be purchased separately. There are biological and mechanical filters in the pond pump, as well as coarse and fine foam filtration. These work alongside the built-in UV clarifier, filtering dirt and debris whilst preventing the growth of algae and harmful microorganisms/parasites. This helps to promote ‘good bacteria’ in the pond, which, in turn, benefits the ecosystem and ensures that fish and plants remain healthy.

Additional Features – Are They Worth Having?

Glad to have you here, and we’re happy you enjoyed the article. I don’t think there’s a better choice for pocket carry than the Centennial-style J-Frames, and I know that 340 will draw much smoother than your PM9. I tend to favor the heavier J-Frames and don’t care for the Sc-frame flyweights as much because they’re harder to shoot. I think that M&P 340 CT weighs about half as much as the steel-frame 640, and that makes a huge difference when it’s time to burn powder. They’re a dream to carry, but I just don’t enjoy shooting them like the steel guns.

Won’t get in a hurry to purchase a conceal weapon as both of you’s have suggested. Appreciate all your expertise in weaponry and ammo. I have one question; I’m reading everyone wants to use .38 +p in their 357 ,So why purchase a 38 when you can fire both rounds in one gun ? By extension it should also do well in a 3″ gun, should the day come when I can afford one.

  • Keep in mind Rosie comes in at 44 oz unloaded.
  • These bacteria work to maintain water quality, taking waste produced by fish and converting it into substances that are not toxic to them.
  • RIP my inbox – but hear me out before you glass me from orbit.
  • Jim is a freelance writer, editor, and videographer for dozens of publications who loves anything and everything guns.

The inlet can be reduced to 2 mm so that small fish, newts and frogs don’t get trapped. One of the features that sets this Hozelock 1581 Aquaforce 2500 Pond Pump apart is that it is fitted with a wildlife protection system. Another thing to be aware of is that you will need to fit plugs onto both the power cable for the pump and the UV base unit. The plugs aren’t included, so this is something that needs to be sourced before the system can be used.

Handguns are all rather impotent, and even the .357 can be an unreliable stopper–especially if the shooter can’t land the bullets where they should go. As much as I like the .357 and the performance it offers, I have to be honest with myself and admit that I cannot control it in rapid fire as well as I control the .38 Special. I’m simply able to do better work with .38+P in the small frame guns I carry, so that’s what I use for defense. I’ll accept the diminished power for a gun that I can shoot fast and accurately. Three fountain heads also come included, which attach to the top of this submersible pond pump and turn it into a water feature itself, keeping water moving.

Paramount among these is the .38 special snub-nosed revolver. Compact, reliable and fool-proof, the .38 wheel-gun should be the perfect concealed carry option for new shooters – but it’s not. I hope as a wheel gun fan I can talk about my new Ruger Redhawk 8 shot with a 2.75 barrel.

What to Look For in a Pond Pump

The comment section is going to be flooded with readers talking about how fast they can reload their favorite wheel gun. But the fact of the matter is that given equal amounts of practice, a magazine-fed firearm is vastly faster to reload than a revolver. Yes, there are ways to partially mitigate this. Speedloaders, speed strips, and moon clips do a great job of speeding up the process. But they’re just addressing the symptom and not the cause. Thank you Mike and Justin for all the info you’s have provided.

I also like the idea of being able to shoot repeatedly through a pocket if the need comes about. And I miss being able to have LaserGrips on my Kahr. We all have to figure out where that line of diminishing returns is drawn for us, but the knowledge comes from shooting real guns and ammo in realistic conditions. The recoil from a .45 is different than it is from a .357 Magnum. The best way I can describe it is that the .45 spreads the recoil out over a longer time, so it’s more like a long shove.


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